• “Coach Maxine was full of energy and lived up to her description and more! The children loved her and the adults were impressed with her energy and interaction with the children. My 4 year old said he had the best birthday!”

  • “Coach Maxine is great!”

  • “Coach Maxine is great! Has great energy and involves the kids!” 

  • “Coach Maxine did a great job at our party! The kids were entertained and had lots of fun!”  

  • “Maxine was great. I'm so lucky to have caught this great deal. Maxine went above and beyond the call of duty. All the children enjoyed her and I really felt like she cared that the party will be a success.” 


                             LETTER FROM RABBI JORY LANG
                             OF BETH MOSHE EARLY
                             CHILDHOOD CENTER ABOUT
​                             STARcise CLASSES


Have a STARcise exercise party for your kids birthday or any occasion and WOW the other parents with high-energy and fun times. Amazing photos and memories for everyone.


Get together with your close friends and their young ones for a fun & fantastic program developed to entertain the parents and exercise the kids.


Teaching our children the principles of being a STAR, from exercise to nutrition to health and self-respect. These are the cornerstones of our curriculum.

Coach Maxine, creator of STARcise is a Certified Youth Fitness instructor and a married mother of 2. Born with Amniotic Band Syndrome (a rare birth defect),   Coach Maxine is dedicated to instilling confidence and inspiring young children  through fitness.

About Coach Maxine

With STARcise, every child can be:
​Smart, Talented, Athletic and Respected.


For over ten years, Coach Maxine has worked with kids and developed specialized skills to teach kids about essential core development issues. The STARcise program is the accumulation of her ideals and principles put into a structured and powerful curriculum. Years of experience and extensive knowledge of child development have led to an award-winning program.

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