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STARcise Music CD (incl shipping)
STARcise CD + DVD Special (incl shipping)

STARcise serves Preschoolers needing physical activity by providing structured fun for little ones. Our program is music-based and designed to teach kids that:  “Fitness is Fun!” Kids love moving to new songs like: Reaching For Your Stars and Song Stuck In My Head. STARcise is different because it's built with a focus on developing Gross Motor Skills. We nurture individual development instead of competition and teach that every child can be a STAR - Smart, Talented, Athletic, Respected.

Buy BOTH and SAVE!

​$27.99 Incl Shipping

Music Videos: Completely original music videos, produced in a “Sing-Along” format with the lyrics onscreen and starring Coach Maxine herself, teaching each movement and exercise.
$19.95 Incl Shipping

With STARcise, Every Child is a S.T.A.R.

​"My 3 year old son loves STARcise!!! We bought the CD online and listen to about 3 songs per day, a few times a day!!! He runs around the room!! I teach him the moves and its so cute to watch him try!! Teaching him is great exercise for me too!! He is seeing from an early age that exercise is fun and keeps you healthy!!!

​- K. Lussier

  Ontario, CA

Complete STARcise Music CD: all original songs, leading your child through a warm up, cardio and yoga cool down. 

$11.95 Incl Shipping

STARcise Video DVD (incl shipping)

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