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"I feel confident in recommending that you consider adding the STARcise Preschool Fitness Program to your curriculum. She is not only thorough, but also easy to work with. She has seemingly endless energy, a true passion for fitness education, as well as the consistency in her programming and her flexibility in working with our school."

- J. Lang

  Beth Moshe Pre-School, N. Miami, FL


​"My 3 year old son loves his class!!! We even bought the CD online and listen to about 3 songs per day, a few times a day!!! He runs around the room!! I teach him the moves and its so cute to watch him try!! Teaching him is great exercise for me too!! He is seeing from an early age that exercise is fun and keeps you healthy!!!

​- K. Lussier

  Ontario, CA

Preschool Classes Package Special

The STARcise Kids Fitness Program is a series of 8 weekly classes, with each lesson building on what was taught the previous week. Each class begins with the STAR warm-up follows a high-energy, fun curriculum. Each 30-minute class ends with a series of slow, yoga stretches and a group review of the corresponding coloring page to reinforce what was just learned. 

STARcise Classes have been taught in over 50 locations in the US. STARcise is now available Worldwide!

Testimonials about STARcise

Complete STARcise Music CD: all 8 original songs, leading your class through a warm up, cardio and yoga cooldown.

Over the years, STARcise has received hundreds of testimonials and Thank You letters to Coach Maxine for the lessons, joy and happiness the STARcise program brings to its children. Below are a few samples:

STARcise serves Preschoolers needing physical activity by providing structured fun for little ones. Our curriculum is music-based and designed to teach kids that:  “Fitness is Fun!” Kids love moving to new songs like: Reaching For Your Stars and Song Stuck In My Head. Our classes are different from the competition because they are built around a physical fitness-themed program with a focus on developing Gross Motor Skills. Our STARcise Coaches nurture individual development instead of competition and they teach that every child can be a STAR - Smart, Talented, Athletic, Respected.

Music Videos: All 8 music videos, produced in a “Sing-Along” format with the lyrics onscreen and starring Coach Maxine herself, teaching each movement and exercise.

STARcise Class Curriculum: An easy to use, 25 page, step-by-step guide to teach successfully and effectively teaching the STARcise program to your class, complete with detailed explanations of each movement, the lyrics to each song and the gross motor breakdown of each weekly lesson: including Activity Type, Song Theme, Physical Focus and Motions. 

Custom Coloring Pages: to handout at the end of each class that correspond to the weekly physical fitness lessons.

STARcise Kids Fitness Program License Includes:

STARcise Class Training Video: designed to walk the Early Childhood Educational professional through the proper techniques to teach a fun-filled, successful STARcise fitness class.

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