Parties & Shows

A STARcise party is 1 hour on-site entertainment with music and games designed to make the birthday child feel like a STAR. Parties include a FREE event consultation at the venue and up to 20 FREE STARcise birthday party invitations.

The "STARcise With Coach Maxine" Show is an interactive, high energy hour of music, games, bubbles and fun designed for Indoor Playspaces that want a fresh, new event to draw more kids and families.​ 

Rate: $300 per Hour / $500 per 2 Hours

P.E.P. For the Little Ones

The STARcise "Playdate Entertainment Program" or P.E.P. is designed to bring an element of structured play and fun to age-specific playgroups that meet regularly and want to add a bit of the STARcise experience to their playdates. PEP is 30 minute on-site play with bubbles, parachute, balls, obstacle course and mini-group fitness routine depending on age and offers options to include extra bubble time or extra obstacle course time.

Rate: $150 for 30 Minutes




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With STARcise, Every Child is a S.T.A.R.

Your little one will jump, stretch and move to the music while learning that fitness is fun. Coach Maxine's music-based, action filled programs are fun and easy to follow for every age!

Daycares & Pre-schools

STARcise Programs follow an 8 week progressive format, with each lesson building on what was taught the previous week. The 30-minute  group sessions are music-based and led by a STARcise Coach. Each class begins with the STAR warm-up and follows a high-energy, fun curriculum. Each class ends with a cooldown song followed by review of the coloring page, Star stickers and the Coach goodbye.  A modified Camp Curriculum is available for Camps.

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